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It’s all about the women…

Michelle will be appearing on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour programme with Jenni Murray on Friday 13th August.  She will be discussing the impact of unemployment and we can really help people get back to work. Tune in at the start of the programme to hear her views.


Destined for the dole?

One of the subjects Michelle feels passionately about is helping the unemployed return to work, or gain first time employment.  Lack of confidence and self esteem are issues Michelle helps people combat both with her ‘Anything is Possible’ seminars and her work with government, return to work agencies and her independent consultancy work.

Today, Michelle spoke to 22 regional news outlets about a new Prince’s Trust report entitled ‘Destined For The Dole’ which outlines how one in five young people expect that they will end up on the dole. Often, this is because their parents and peer groups are on it.  Michelle was also interviewed on Sky News by Dermot Murnaghan on the subject today. Read the full report, here.


Michelle’s Top Story

Michelle’s iVillage blog on Work & Money became their ‘top story’ for the second day running today.  Entitled ‘Going Large’ it explains to readers how to grow their small business. With a monthly readership of 2 million unique readers, achieving top spot for two days running is no mean feat!

Check out her blog here.