I was born in Hull, East Yorkshire and knew what I wanted from life at a young age.

While my friends were out chasing boys, I was working three jobs every Saturday and reading business autobiographies in my spare time. Ask me as a youngster what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer was simple, “an honest and successful business woman”.

115072I left school at 16 and did an apprenticeship in the offices of St John Ambulance in Hull. A year later, I cold-called Kingston Communications looking for a managerial post. They laughed at me but my determination eventually paid off and I was offered an admin role in the IT department. Naturally, I wanted more and through self funded, part time tuition, I quickly moved up the ranks and became a member of the technical management team.

A couple of years later, I was head-hunted by the ISP, Tiscali. The company was undertaking massive business transformation, relocating elements of their business operations overseas. I was appointed to manage the complex project which ended up saving the company millions of pounds and increased customer service levels dramatically.

Aged 24, I wanted my next challenge. Following the success of the Tiscali project I had delivered, I established my own business transformation consultancy and worked with clients across Europe, Asia and the USA to deliver multimillion pound business change projects.

Driven by my desire to live life to the full, I applied for the series of BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ where I fought off more than 15,000 hopefuls to be crowned the winner.To say I was pleased was an understatement! I left after working for Sir Alan for 1 year.

I subsequently released my autobiography ‘Anything is possible’, consulted for a number of companies including The Royal Mail and The Chamber of Commerce and worked on government initiatives supporting young entrepreneurs.

Michelle-Dewberry-_1886690aIn March this year I launched my latest venture Likebees.com which is a fantastic Social Buying website offering families exclusive discounts.  This is in addition to my other website chiconomise.com and thedailychic.com

With the current state of recession, I am also very passionate about helping people return to work and also establish their own businesses.  I’ve worked on a number of projects providing encouragement and inspiration to people around these subjects.  I know how demoralising it is when you are out of work, how easily confidence and motivation is lost and how hard it can be to get that back. I know that if people had the right support and someone who believes in them, the sky is the limit and anything really is possible. For the second year running, I am travelling the UK with The Sun newspaper on their ‘Employment Roadshow’. We meet and work with thousands of people wanting to return to work and I personally run lot’s of CV workshops to help people present themselves in the best way possible.

TV wise, I can be seen each week on Sky News alongside Eamonn Holmes on the Sunrise programme reviewing the days papers.

Check out the ‘what I do’ page for more information on what I’m currently working on.

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