Question: Which political party do you represent?

Answer: None. I am an independent candidate

Question: What is an independent candidate and do they have the same power as a party MP?

Answer: An independent candidate is one who acts purely and simply in the best interests of the constituency they represent. In this case, Hull West & Hessle (my home). Independent candidates have exactly the same powers as all other MPs. They have the massive added benefit of NOT being told what to do by any party so are 100% independent and stand for what is best for you, not their party leader. 

Question: What are your policies?

Answer: I won't have 'policies' in the way that you are used to. Instead I will have positions on issues. These positions will be things that we believe and I will vote in accordance to that, regardless of which parties are proposing or involved.

Question: So what are your positions on things?

Answer: I will be publishing a full list next week but it is our belief that most people want the same things: a well funded NHS and other public services, good education, strong employment rights and strong employment opportunities etc and our positions are aligned with this. I can't publish them yet because it is important to me that they are not just my principles - but yours too so I am spending time right now talking to people to hear their thoughts. If you want to tell me what is important to you, contact me via this website.

Question: I want Theresa May to be the next Prime Minister so she can make Brexit happen, won't voting for Michelle ruin that?

Answer: I will vote alongside the Tories on the Brexit issue so if your reason for voting Tory is to secure Brexit, voting for will be the same thing, but without all the other aspects of Tory that you may not like.

Question: If Michelle says she used to be Labour, why isn't she standing as Labour?

Answer: Because I think Labour has let us down. I don't think Jeremy Corbyn is a decent candidate for Prime Minister and don't be mistaken, a vote for Labour is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I think the city is also too Labour centric. The MPs are all Labour and so is most of the council. It's time we shook it up.

Question: I thought Michelle lived in London now?

Answer: I split my time between Hull and London because of work. I regard Hull as my home. I think it is wrong that young people need to leave Hull to seek career opportunities. I want those career opportunities to exist here.

Question: Where in Hull are you from?

Answer: I was raised on Albert Ave, moved to Anlaby Road when I was about 10 then moved to Boothferry Road when I was about 15. I went to Paisley Primary school and Sydney Smith. My first jobs were at Fiveways pub, Kwik Save (Boothferry Park & Hessle Road) and A2Z on Hessle Road. I then worked at St John Ambulance and KCOM. My family all live here and my sister is laid to rest here. 

Question: Does Michelle honestly stand a chance of winning?

Answer: If you vote for me, yes!