Why I'm doing this...


Hi, I’m Michelle Dewberry. I’m a business woman from Hull, a former winner of The Apprentice and presenter of a political debate show on Sky News.

I believe that in the 2017 General Election, too many of us feel politically homeless.

I was born and bred working class Labour -- but like many others, I feel they no longer represent us.

Brexiteers like me are told we have to vote Conservative to secure Brexit — but I feel uncomfortable with too many of their policies. When it comes down to it, are the Tories really on our side? So many of us feel disillusioned with politics, or don’t even vote anymore.

I have decided to do something about all this. As a result, I am standing as an Independent candidate in my home seat of Hull West & Hessle.

I’ve been told that I am crazy for trying to fight a seat that’s always been Labour. But why should politics be reserved for the big boys? I truly believe that it is time for change and for things to be shaken up. For more ordinary people to be involved in politics. If you agree - I need your help.

I grew up in Hull West & Hessle. It shaped the woman I am today. I want to talk in language most people understand, and to be a proper champion for the voters of Hull, in Westminster. I want to see more ordinary people in politics and more diverse voices. Not all of us fit into traditional parties anymore, politics should be much more 'pick and mix'.

I am a business woman - I know we need to make business work better for the UK post Brexit. With my background in technology, I'm keen to focus on the industries of the future, not just the past. I’m really passionate about spreading wealth and opportunity fully across the UK.

As I said, if you share my vision - I need your help today.

I need backers who support my vision, who want to shake politics up and challenge the tired old establishment. I want the unrepresented, to finally feel represented. But I can only win with your help. The big parties have teams of people handing out leaflets and campaigning, I don't... If you can help spread my work online or in person, please contact me and get involved.

Anything is possible, if we do this together!

Thanks in advance, Michelle.